unitarity Class Reference

An observable class for the requirement of tree level perturbative unitarity. More...

#include <unitarity.h>

Inherits ThObservable.

Inherited by unitarity1, unitarity10, unitarity11, unitarity12, unitarity2, unitarity3, unitarity4, unitarity5, unitarity6, unitarity7, unitarity8, and unitarity9.

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Detailed Description

An observable class for the requirement of tree level perturbative unitarity.

HEPfit Collaboration

This class is used to require the unitarity for all the tree level scalar-scalar scattering amplitudes. The 12 eigenvalues of the S-matrix can be found in [7],Ginzburg:2005dt. They should be smaller than \(8\pi\) in magnitude to preserve unitarity of the S-matrix, however corresponding two-loop calculations in the SM show that a more reasonable upper bound on their absolute values would be \(2\pi\) (see discussion in [22]).

Definition at line 30 of file unitarity.h.

Public Member Functions

double computeThValue ()
 An empty constructor. More...
 unitarity (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThObservable
double getBinMax ()
 A get method to get the maximum value of the bin. More...
double getBinMin ()
 A get method to get the minimum value of the bin. More...
const StandardModelgetModel ()
 A get method to get the model. More...
void setBinMax (double max)
 A set method to set the maximum value of the bin. More...
void setBinMin (double min)
 A set method to set the minimum value of the bin. More...
 ThObservable (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor. More...
 ThObservable (const ThObservable &orig)
 The copy constructor. More...
virtual ~ThObservable ()
 The default destructor. More...

Public Attributes

const THDMmyTHDM

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from ThObservable
double max
 the bin maximum. More...
double min
 The bin minimum. More...
const StandardModelSM
 A reference to an object of StandardMode class. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

unitarity::unitarity ( const StandardModel SM_i)



Definition at line 11 of file unitarity.cpp.

12 : ThObservable(SM_i), myTHDM(static_cast<const THDM*> (&SM_i))
13 {}
const THDM * myTHDM
Definition: unitarity.h:44
ThObservable(const StandardModel &SM_i)
Definition: ThObservable.h:29

Member Function Documentation

double unitarity::computeThValue ( )

An empty constructor.


Implements ThObservable.

Reimplemented in unitarity12, unitarity11, unitarity10, unitarity9, unitarity8, unitarity7, unitarity6, unitarity5, unitarity4, unitarity3, unitarity2, and unitarity1.

Definition at line 15 of file unitarity.cpp.

16 {
17  return 0.0;
18 }

Member Data Documentation

const THDM* unitarity::myTHDM

Definition at line 44 of file unitarity.h.

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