bsgammaTHDM Class Reference

The \(b\to s\gamma\) branching fraction from tabled values. More...

#include <bsgamma.h>

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Detailed Description

The \(b\to s\gamma\) branching fraction from tabled values.

HEPfit Collaboration

The branching ratio \(BR(B\to X_s \gamma)\) for the type II is read from a table and interpolated. The tabled values are state-of-the-art calculations at NNLO from [107] in a grid of 11 \(\log_{10}(\tan \beta)\) values between -4/3 and 2 times 101 \(\log_{10}(m_{H^+})\) values between 1 and 4. The theoretical error is evaluated at every point and found to be almost constant at 7%, which is accounted for by the nuisance parameter bsgamma_theoryerror.

Definition at line 28 of file THDM/src/bsgamma.h.

Public Member Functions

 bsgammaTHDM (const StandardModel &SM_i)
double computeThValue ()
 Calculates the \(BR(B\to X_s \gamma)\) value in the THDM by linear interpolation of tabled NNLO values. More...
virtual ~bsgammaTHDM ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThObservable
double getBinMax ()
 A get method to get the maximum value of the bin. More...
double getBinMin ()
 A get method to get the minimum value of the bin. More...
const StandardModelgetModel ()
 A get method to get the model. More...
void setBinMax (double max)
 A set method to set the maximum value of the bin. More...
void setBinMin (double min)
 A set method to set the minimum value of the bin. More...
 ThObservable (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor. More...
 ThObservable (const ThObservable &orig)
 The copy constructor. More...
virtual ~ThObservable ()
 The default destructor. More...

Protected Attributes

- Protected Attributes inherited from ThObservable
double max
 the bin maximum. More...
double min
 The bin minimum. More...
const StandardModelSM
 A reference to an object of StandardMode class. More...

Private Attributes

const THDMmyTHDM

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

bsgammaTHDM::bsgammaTHDM ( const StandardModel SM_i)

Definition at line 11 of file THDM/src/bsgamma.cpp.

11  :
13  ThObservable(SM_i),
14  myTHDM(static_cast<const THDM*> (&SM_i))
15 {
16  mycache = new THDMcache();
17 }
A class for the caching of some THDM objects.
Definition: THDMcache.h:27
const THDM * myTHDM
ThObservable(const StandardModel &SM_i)
Definition: ThObservable.h:29
THDMcache * mycache
bsgammaTHDM::~bsgammaTHDM ( )

Definition at line 19 of file THDM/src/bsgamma.cpp.

20 {}

Member Function Documentation

double bsgammaTHDM::computeThValue ( )

Calculates the \(BR(B\to X_s \gamma)\) value in the THDM by linear interpolation of tabled NNLO values.

\(BR(B\to X_s \gamma)\).

Implements ThObservable.

Definition at line 22 of file THDM/src/bsgamma.cpp.

23 {
24  std::string modelflag=myTHDM->getModelTypeflag();
25  if (modelflag == "type2") {
26  double logtb=myTHDM->getlogtb();
27  double logmHp=log10(myTHDM->getmHp());
28  double B_BXsgamma_ctrl=mycache->ip_ex_bsgamma(logtb,logmHp);
29  double B_BXsgamma_err=0.07;
30  double bsgamma_theoryerror=myTHDM->getbsgamma_theoryerror();
32  return B_BXsgamma_ctrl * (1.0 + B_BXsgamma_err * bsgamma_theoryerror);
33  }
34  else {
35  throw std::runtime_error("flag_model in bsgammaTHDM::computeThValue() can only be \"type2\" at the moment");
36  return 0.;
37  }
38 }
double getlogtb() const
Definition: THDM.h:166
const THDM * myTHDM
complex log10(const complex &z)
double ip_ex_bsgamma(double logtb, double logmHp)
Interpolating function for the NNLO value for the branching ratio of decays in the THDM...
Definition: THDMcache.cpp:830
double getbsgamma_theoryerror() const
Definition: THDM.h:286
double getmHp() const
Definition: THDM.h:270
THDMcache * mycache
std::string getModelTypeflag() const
Definition: THDM.h:158

Member Data Documentation

THDMcache* bsgammaTHDM::mycache

Definition at line 40 of file THDM/src/bsgamma.h.

const THDM* bsgammaTHDM::myTHDM

Definition at line 43 of file THDM/src/bsgamma.h.

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