unitarity1 Class Reference

#include <unitarity.h>

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Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file unitarity.h.

Public Member Functions

double computeThValue ()
 unitarity1 (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor for \(\Lambda^{even}_{21+}\) from equations (9) in [83]. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from unitarity
 unitarity (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThObservable
double getBinMax ()
 A get method to get the maximum value of the bin. More...
double getBinMin ()
 A get method to get the minimum value of the bin. More...
const StandardModelgetModel ()
 A get method to get the model. More...
void setBinMax (double max)
 A set method to set the maximum value of the bin. More...
void setBinMin (double min)
 A set method to set the minimum value of the bin. More...
 ThObservable (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor. More...
 ThObservable (const ThObservable &orig)
 The copy constructor. More...
virtual ~ThObservable ()
 The default destructor. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from unitarity
const THDMmyTHDM
- Protected Attributes inherited from ThObservable
double max
 the bin maximum. More...
double min
 The bin minimum. More...
const StandardModelSM
 A reference to an object of StandardMode class. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

unitarity1::unitarity1 ( const StandardModel SM_i)

Constructor for \(\Lambda^{even}_{21+}\) from equations (9) in [83].

Definition at line 20 of file unitarity.cpp.

21 : unitarity(SM_i)
22 {}
unitarity(const StandardModel &SM_i)
Definition: unitarity.cpp:11

Member Function Documentation

double unitarity1::computeThValue ( )

Corresponds to \(c_+\) from equation (2.8) in [7].

Reimplemented from unitarity.

Definition at line 24 of file unitarity.cpp.

25 {
26  double mHl=myTHDM->getMHl();
27  double mA2=myTHDM->getmA2();
28  double mHh2=myTHDM->getmHh2();
29  double vev=myTHDM->v();
30  double sina=myTHDM->getsina();
31  double cosa=myTHDM->getcosa();
32  double tanb=myTHDM->gettanb();
33  double sinb=myTHDM->getsinb();
34  double cosb=myTHDM->getcosb();
35  double m12_2=myTHDM->getm12_2();
37  return ((mHl*mHl*cosa*cosa +mHh2*sina*sina -m12_2/tanb)/sinb/sinb
38  +(mHh2*cosa*cosa +mHl*mHl*sina*sina - m12_2*tanb)/cosb/cosb
39  +sqrt(4.0*pow(mA2 -m12_2/(cosb*sinb),2)
40  +pow((mHl*mHl/cosb/cosb -mHh2/sinb/sinb)*sina*sina
41  +(mHh2/cosb/cosb -mHl*mHl/sinb/sinb)*cosa*cosa
42  +m12_2/tanb/sinb/sinb -m12_2*tanb/cosb/cosb,2)))/(2.0*vev*vev);
43 }
const THDM * myTHDM
Definition: unitarity.h:44
double getm12_2() const
Definition: THDM.h:278
double getsina() const
Definition: THDM.h:222
double getsinb() const
Definition: THDM.h:182
complex pow(const complex &z1, const complex &z2)
double getcosb() const
Definition: THDM.h:190
double gettanb() const
Definition: THDM.h:174
double getmHh2() const
Definition: THDM.h:230
double getmA2() const
Definition: THDM.h:246
virtual double v() const
The Higgs vacuum expectation value. where is the Fermi constant, measured through muon decays...
double getMHl() const
A get method to retrieve the Higgs mass .
double getcosa() const
Definition: THDM.h:214
complex sqrt(const complex &z)

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