myObservables Class Reference

A class for the gg -> 4l. More...

#include <myObservables.h>

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Detailed Description

A class for the gg -> 4l.

Definition at line 19 of file myObservables.h.

Public Member Functions

 myObservables (const StandardModel &SM_i)
void updateParameters ()
virtual ~myObservables ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ThObservable
virtual double computeThValue ()=0
 A member to be overloaded by the respective theory observable. class that calculates the value of the observable. More...
double getBinMax ()
 A get method to get the maximum value of the bin. More...
double getBinMin ()
 A get method to get the minimum value of the bin. More...
const StandardModelgetModel ()
 A get method to get the model. More...
void setBinMax (double max)
 A set method to set the maximum value of the bin. More...
void setBinMin (double min)
 A set method to set the minimum value of the bin. More...
 ThObservable (const StandardModel &SM_i)
 Constructor. More...
 ThObservable (const ThObservable &orig)
 The copy constructor. More...
virtual ~ThObservable ()
 The default destructor. More...

Protected Attributes

double c1
double c2
double c3
double c4
double fact
double kfact
double sw2
- Protected Attributes inherited from ThObservable
double max
 the bin maximum. More...
double min
 The bin minimum. More...
const StandardModelSM
 A reference to an object of StandardMode class. More...

Private Attributes

const myModelmy_model

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

myObservables::myObservables ( const StandardModel SM_i)

Definition at line 11 of file myObservables.cpp.

12 : ThObservable(SM_i), my_model(static_cast<const myModel*> (&SM_i))
13 {
14  fact = 2. * 3000 * pow(0.95, 4.);
15  kfact = 1.85;
16 }
complex pow(const complex &z1, const complex &z2)
ThObservable(const StandardModel &SM_i)
Definition: ThObservable.h:29
const myModel * my_model
Definition: myObservables.h:37
myObservables::~myObservables ( )

Definition at line 18 of file myObservables.cpp.

19 {}

Member Function Documentation

void myObservables::updateParameters ( )

Definition at line 21 of file myObservables.cpp.

22 {
23  c1 = my_model->getc1();
24  if (my_model->get_condition_flag() == true) {
25  c2 = 1. - c1;
26  } else {
27  c2 = my_model->getc2();
28  }
29  c3 = my_model->getc3();
30  c4 = my_model->getc4();
31  sw2 = my_model->sW2();
32 }
bool get_condition_flag() const
Definition: myModel.h:88
virtual double sW2(const double Mw_i) const
The square of the sine of the weak mixing angle in the on-shell scheme, denoted as ...
double getc1() const
Definition: myModel.h:52
double getc2() const
Definition: myModel.h:61
double getc4() const
Definition: myModel.h:79
double getc3() const
Definition: myModel.h:70
const myModel * my_model
Definition: myObservables.h:37

Member Data Documentation

double myObservables::c1

Definition at line 28 of file myObservables.h.

double myObservables::c2

Definition at line 29 of file myObservables.h.

double myObservables::c3

Definition at line 30 of file myObservables.h.

double myObservables::c4

Definition at line 31 of file myObservables.h.

double myObservables::fact

Definition at line 33 of file myObservables.h.

double myObservables::kfact

Definition at line 34 of file myObservables.h.

const myModel* myObservables::my_model

Definition at line 37 of file myObservables.h.

double myObservables::sw2

Definition at line 32 of file myObservables.h.

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