Electroweak Precision Observables

The electroweak precision data (EWPD) measured at SLAC, LEP and Tevatron provide a strong validation of the Standard Model (SM) description of the electroweak interactions. With a precision in many cases of the order of one per mille, these measurements have tested the SM to the level of radiative corrections, finding good agreement between the data and the SM predictions. This sets strong constraints on models with new physics modifying the electroweak sector. Moreover, the recent discovery of the Higgs boson, with a mass consistent with the EWPD indirect determination, implies that the global fit of the SM to EWPD is over constrained.

The standard set of electroweak precision observables has been implemented in the $\texttt{HEPfit}$ code, including precision measurement at the $Z$-pole ($Z$ decay widths, left-right and forward-backward asymmetries, the effective weak mixing angle), the $W$ mass and width, the top and Higgs masses, the value of the strong coupling constant and the 5 flavor contribution to the running of the electromagnetic constant ($\Delta \alpha^{(5)}_{had}$). These can be used to test against the predictions of any model of interest. The following list of models are implemented in the current version of $\texttt{HEPfit}$: